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Although all this sounds very optimistic, our enthusiasm is somewhat dampened by Balthazar Auger - the leader of the Nimble Giant Entertainment studio, which is currently working on the Quantum League online shooter. Auger believes that while the Xbox Series X will actually provide greater performance, it will only be felt in the case of exclusive titles such as Senua's Saga: Hellblade II or Halo Infinite. For multi-platform titles, the power differences between platforms will not play a significant role.

I think this will mainly matter for Xbox exclusive titles, which can be programmed to take full advantage of the hardware's power potential. All the developers behind cross-platform titles are tied to the lowest specs target hardware, so the only advantage of the Xbox Series X's extra power that I can imagine would be frame stabilization at higher resolutions. - Balthazar Auger

The Xbox Series X console has already found its way to the first reviewers and testers, including Digital Foundry editors who shared with us their first impressions of using the console. For now, testers can only check how the new Microsoft hardware works with older titles. However, already here you can see a noticeable increase in performance compared to the most powerful console on the market - the Xbox One X. In most cases, it was possible to run games in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second without any problems. It is worth noting, however, that this mainly applies to games that have not yet officially received any updates from the developers. So we're talking "only" about hardware support.

What's more, owners of the Xbox Series X who want to catch up on the game (and there will be no shortage of them) will be able to count on much shorter loading times. Take Final Fantasy XV as an example. The time spent on the loading screen has been reduced from around 58 seconds on the Xbox One X to just 15 seconds on the Xbox Series X.